Our Craft

Jan Vandamme Shipyards performs any and all maintenance and restoration works on your wooden vessels.

  • installation of new teak decks
  • masts, gigs, gaffs, booms made to order
  • replacement of broken frames, floors, deck beams
  • removal and construction of new wooden sole in the cabin
  • interior boat joinery made to order : cupboards, tablexs , boxes, benches
  • fitting of portlights and decklights
  • sanding and varnishing/painting of the hull : above and below the waterline
  • helms, flag-poles, oars made to order
  • maintenance of wooden hulls as well as GRP hulls
  • application of traditional and modern fittings
  • replacement of ropework on board
  • damage assessment after a collision or accident for insurance purposes
  • all manner of repairs
  • caulking….

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